Data Lineage in Action: Live Demo of MANTA Flow

Data Lineage in Action: Live Demo of MANTA Flow
Join our live MANTA Flow demo. Anthony Fazio, MANTA’s Senior Solution Engineer, will present how MANTA’s automated lineage platform works, how to configure connections with various systems where data resides, how to generate a map of data flows, how to leverage available features to adjust the generated map to your project’s needs, and how it contributes to enabling DataOps.
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Anthony Fazio Sales Engineer, MANTA

Anthony Fazio

Senior Solution Engineer, MANTA


With today’s volume of data, organizations of all kinds struggle to achieve a complete overview of their data sources, how data flows across systems, and how they are connected. But there’s a way to get these details easily, in an automated fashion, and without engaging extra resources, join this webinar if you would like to know how to:

  • Get full visibility into all data sources, flows, and dependencies

  • Enhance data pipeline observability

  • Accelerate debugging

  • Carry out faster and more accurate impact and root cause analyses

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