#MANTAtalks: Tips for Efficient MANTA API Usage

#MANTAtalks: Tips for Efficient MANTA API Usage
MANTA’s automated lineage can be leveraged in every corner of an organization to truly empower various departments by enabling proper usage of their data. And when you are using MANTA’s API, the possibilities are endless. Whether you are a data architect, ETL developer, DevOps engineer, DWH architect, or data quality/privacy developer, MANTA’s API is there for you to assist you with daily tasks.  
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Marek Pikna

Marek Pikna

Customer Success Manager at MANTA


In this webinar Marek Pikna, MANTA’s Customer Success Manager, will focus on two real-life use cases so you can see our API in action. Join the webinar to learn:

  • How to use MANTA’s API for automated impact analysis
  • How to cut down on manual effort when determining what changes have been made across the entire data pipeline
  • How MANTA’s API can be used to inform asset owners about those changes
  • How to recognize independent ETL processes and run them in parallel to reduce daily load times
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