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Data Lineage for Cobol Programming Language

Data Lineage for Cobol Programming Language

Cobol is a programming language focused on creating business-oriented applications. Cobol programs are known to be long and complex. MANTA simplifies those systems and provides more detailed views into them. Information from analyses is used to create detailed visualizations of the data lineage in Cobol scripts, JCL scripts, and the data lineage between them.

MANTA can process ANSI85 Cobol compatible scripts with additional features added in later extensions. MANTA can also process Cobol scripts in popular code formats such as FIXED, VARIABLE, and FREE. We can process supplied Cobol Copybooks, and our scanner can also analyze IBM Job Control Language scripts (JCLs), which are heavily used in IBM mainframes.

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MANTA currently scans

  • ANSI85 Cobol scripts
  • JCL scripts
  • Cobol Copybooks
  • Data lineage between programs
  • SQL used in Cobol scripts, and connects database objects with Cobol variables accordingly

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Available for selected applications.