Supported technologies


C# is a modern general-purpose object-oriented programming language.

As a part of the .NET platform, applications developed in C# can be run on all widely-recognized operating systems.

MANTA can analyze programming code written in C# and show it in MANTA’s native visualization or push it to the third-party data governance solution of your choosing.

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MANTA now supports the following analyses of programming code written in C#

  • C# core—arrays, control flow, expressions, operations, inheritance, etc.
  • Standard C# collections in System.Collections namespace
  • Standard I/O operations in System.IO namespace
  • ADO.NET with Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Database connections

Work in Progress

A version of the C# scanner is now available for testing. Would you like to be one of the first ones to try out our dedicated C# scanner? Leave us a note, and we will get back to you.