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Data Lineage for Snowflake

Data Lineage for Snowflake

Snowflake is a cloud-based data management platform that provides enterprises with a flexible, scalable architecture for effective data collaboration.  

MANTA’s unified lineage platform automates metadata discovery to deliver a complete, detailed overview of data flows across the enterprise’s data pipelines. When planning migrations, implementing DataOps, or preparing for a compliance audit, MANTA can help teams extract more value from their data.

MANTA’s Snowflake scanner generates detailed lineage for a comprehensive overview of the journey the data undergoes throughout its lifecycle. By leveraging MANTA’s scanner to map lineage in Snowflake, users can understand their data in context, increase business agility without sacrificing quality, and deliver data intelligence that fuels growth. 

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Snowflake components currently supported by MANTA’s scanner (and more are coming soon!)

  • Data dictionaries—get lineage for asset catalogs in hierarchical databases
  • Scripts—lineage for custom SQL code and ETL activities in MANTA’s native UI
  • Views—visualize the SQL code logic for user-defined tables to boost data accuracy and trust and speed up reporting
  • Functions—extract metadata from Snowflake functions for custom logic and pipeline insights
  • External tables—see connections and dependencies across offsite data sources for queried files

Migration to Snowflake with Data Lineage