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Data Lineage for Informatica Power Center

Data Lineage for Informatica Power Center

MANTA can connect to Informatica PowerCenter and provide a complete analysis of data flows inside this powerful ETL tool. The results of this analysis can be pushed into MANTA’s own visualization or a 3rd-party data governance solution of the customer’s choice.

IPC is generally used in combination with Informatica Metadata Manager or the new Enterprise Data Catalog, therefore most of the lineage is provided natively. However, MANTA can understand even very complex custom SQL code inputs (such as SQL overrides). MANTA is also able to inject the lineage from IPC into metadata management solutions such as IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Center and Collibra Data Governance Center.

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MANTA currently scans

  • Workflows
  • Mappings
  • Sessions
  • SQL overrides

Nobody gets SQL overrides

The ability to scan and analyze even very complex SQL overrides in IPC is unique to MANTA. Nobody else on the whole planet has this solution.