Get IT Transparency and Self-Service for Business

Regain trust in your data with accurate and detailed lineage, make data-driven decisions, and leave your competitors far behind.

Decision makers are struggling to make heads or tails of a growing amount of data, which prevents them from making faster and more informed decisions.

More data, more problems

Making data-driven decisions is truly problematic when decision makers do not understand poorly interpreted data. Misunderstandings lead to misinformed decisions, poor risk management, and financial loss. The modernization of internal systems can help with the quality of information inputs and outputs, but it does not solve the major trust and transparency issue.

How MANTA helps

Self-service enabled

MANTA’s self-service platform shows data flows in a way that is user-friendly, clear, and understandable for all decision makers, without them having to reach out to the IT department or external specialists, making their decision-making process faster and better informed.

How MANTA Helps

Pain point

Overly Cautious Business Approach

Those working in a turbulent business environment have to act fast and make deliberate decisions under pressure. If decision makers do not trust their data, they make snap decisions or end up not taking risks and missing out on business opportunities.

How MANTA Helps

The End of The Black Box

When the data journey is presented understandably, decision makers are better prepared for the unexpected and can take calculated risks even in stressful situations.

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Misinformed Decisions and Wasted Opportunities

Poorly interpreted data leads to misinformed decisions and financial loss. Inaccurate reports and the lack of trust in them cause decision makers to miss important business opportunities.

How MANTA Helps

Faster and Better-Informed Decisions

MANTA’s unified lineage platform presents data flows in a way that is understandable for business professionals so they can make decisions faster, with more confidence and knowledge about the subject matter.

Pain point

High Maintenance Costs

When business users receive very detailed data lineage that has not been adjusted for them, they contact the IT department or pick up the phone to seek help from external support teams.

How MANTA Helps

Self-Service Lowers Internal Service Costst

When data lineage is adjusted to their level of understanding and business needs, business professionals can finally get the most out of the data without having to consult IT specialists, lowering internal service costs.