Enable Digital Transformation Projects

Migrate even the most complex infrastructure fast and safe with MANTA’s lucid lineage.

Constantly developing IT environments require fast and continuous system updates and cloud migrations, which cannot be achieved manually.

Ever-changing IT environment

Software, systems, and equipment are constantly being replaced and modernized. But it is a real challenge to renovate an important system that has been developed and maintained over many years, and that is connected to several other systems in the organization, reading data from them and transferring data to them. Manual modernization is very labor-intensive and carries a huge risk of failure.

How MANTA Helps

Fast and painless migration

MANTA instantly scans to-be modernized systems and simplifies them so the map of dependencies provided by MANTA indicates what should be migrated, clearly distinguishing the differences.

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How MANTA Helps

Pain point

Time Consuming and Expensive AS-IS Analysis

Manual documentation of an environment that has been developed over the course of years is time-consuming and expensive. Especially when the employees who developed the system are no longer with the organization and it’s necessary to involve external resources.

How MANTA Helps

Instant AS-IS Analysis

MANTA automatically scans the to-be modernized system and simplifies the as-is analysis to just a few clicks. MANTA provides a detailed map that is automatically updated with changes in the source environment. No manual labor is necessary.

Pain point

High Risk of Failure

Without a proper map of the environment, the probability of a misunderstanding or error is high. The more complex the system is, the more likely it is that an error will occur. The risk is even higher when modernization is done by an external team with no experience working with the system.

How MANTA Helps

Risk of Failure Minimized

No matter how complex the system is, MANTA turns that complexity into an actionable map that is easy to understand, even for teams without years of experience with the system. MANTA enables a step-by-step approach, supports development automation, and increases the quality of testing.

Pain point

Impossible Step-by-Step Approach

Complex information environments with blurry relationships between data are impossible to break down into smaller pieces to apply a step-by-step approach to modernize the IT systems.

How MANTA Helps

Step-by-step Approach Enabled

MANTA helps organizations clearly see what exactly needs to be migrated. This is done by mapping the existing data pipeline with all dependencies, which allows engineers to modernize the system in a series of small steps.

Pain point

Manual Development

When an analysis is finished and the target design is ready, large engineering teams copy the original behavior and logic into the new environment with major or minor changes. Doing it manually takes a huge amount of time and involves significant human resources.

How MANTA Helps

Automated, Transparent Development

With detailed information about original transformations accessible via MANTA API, large parts of the code can be generated automatically and implemented into the new environment.

Pain point

Lack of Solid Testing

Designing an efficient set of tests with great coverage is nearly impossible due to the tight timeframes of the system modernization. Typically, there is also no formal verification of differences between the original and modernized pipeline because that information is hardly accessible.

How MANTA Helps

Instant White Boxing

With detailed lineage, including data transformations and calculations, MANTA simplifies the design of so-called white box tests that would otherwise be very hard to prepare. MANTA also allows data engineers to compare the original data flow with the new one in an automated way for verification purposes.