Data Ops: Amplify Value

Automate tedious, repetitive tasks to keep your data pipeline healthy—prevent defects with automated impact analyses, speed up incident resolution, reduce the cycle time of data analytics, and increase the value of analytics.

Data Lineage for DataOps

Avoid Production Defects with Better Data Pipeline Observability

With the growing complexity of data systems, data pipeline observability is very time-consuming and nearly impossible to achieve. Worse still, without this deep understanding of data pipeline and agile development requirements, every change to the environment carries a high risk of broken releases. To deal with this complexity, data teams allocate up to 40% of their resources to carry out manual impact analyses. MANTA cuts down on manual effort by enabling agile change management with fully-automated impact analysis, incident resolution, and debugging.

Key Benefits

Save Time, Money, and Resources

Increase the productivity of your data team by 30–40% with better visibility of your data pipeline thanks to fully-automated impact and root-cause analyses that require no or minimal manual labor

Perform Incident Resolution 90% Faster

Easily trace any data-related issue back to the source to remove it right away and prevent it from happening again in the future

Reduce the Number of Broken Releases to Less Than 1%

Act proactively with automated and accurate impact analysis that gives you immediate visibility of how a planned change will influence other parts of the environment

Who Do We Help?

Data Engineers

  • Immediately test even the smallest changes for a risk-free deployment
  • Fast and painless incident resolution
  • Get full visibility of data pipelines for further optimization and improvements

Data Analysts

  • Enable IT and business collaboration with a full understanding of the impacts of planned changes
  • Questions about critical reports and data origins are answered in a few clicks

Data Scientists

  • Fully understand data provenance for better AI/ML
  • Faster and more efficient data preparation
  • Visibility of designed algorithms is improved with lineage

Anyone dealing with data-related issues

It’s not about names of departments or professional titles, it’s support for DataOps that matters.

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