Cloud Migrations: Expedite Initiatives

Having complete data lineage available when migrating to the cloud or a hybrid environment allows companies to set the right expectations, stick to the plan, save a lot of resources, and escape the do-break-debug-redo cycle.

Data Lineage for Cloud Migrations

The Reality of Migrations

83 % of data migrations exceed the budget, get behind schedule, or simply fail.

80 % of organizations that conduct a lift-and-shift migration will not achieve meaningful cost savings.

Yet, cloud and hybrid environments are critical for innovation. In 2022, it is expected that most innovation will happen in the cloud.

Why migrate with MANTA?

A Perfect Migration Plan Reduces Project Costs by 30%

Every migration has a plan, but with lineage, it’s finally complete. No blind spots, no muddy waters.

Predictability Restored

What’s going to change when…? Should I do this or that first? All these questions are answered with lineage.

Nothing Left Behind

Each and every object in the migrated system(s) is mapped, and it’s dependencies are clearly documented. No surprises during migration.

How MANTA helps during
any migration project

  1. Strategy

    With MANTA:

    • Complete assessment
    • Validate the migration plan
  2. Proof of concept

    With MANTA:

    • Specify POC workload estimates
    • Get help with measuring success
  3. Data & Apps Migration

    With MANTA:

    • Get detailed plans for individual app migrations
  4. Cloud Transition & Operation

    With MANTA:

    • Smooth testing and debugging
    • Enable validation of the whole migration project

How MANTA makes cloud adoption easier
for you

Data Architect/Engineer

  • Most manual tasks are automated now
  • All dependencies are clearly visible
  • Debugging is faster and less labor-intensive

Project Manager

  • Phased migration is possible
  • Significantly fewer quality issues
  • No major jams

Head of Innovations

  • Clear plan for all levels
  • Expectations and predictions are met
  • No budget overspend

We’ll help you, too

No matter the particular migration use case, MANTA is here for you.

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We’d love to show you how MANTA can help your migration—one that’s already running or currently being planned.