Boost Data Governance with Lineage

Use lineage to understand how your data flows and improve your data governance.

Most of the organizations have a data governance solution deployed, typically because of the increasing regulations asurrounding data and the demand for having a clear overview of the regulated data being processed by the organization.

Regulatory compliance challenges.

Mounting pressure for full regulatory compliance is one of the key reasons for deploying a data governance / data catalog solution in an organization. Each industry has its own set of rules to adhere to, such as HIPAA in healthcare or BCBS 239, BASEL II/III in finance. Regardless of the industry, compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other state data privacy laws is crucial for all organizations doing business in the United States and European Union.

How MANTA helps?

Data governance made possible with powerful data lineage

MANTA keeps any data governance solution on its toes by providing complete, actionable data journey visualization. Full lineage is a must when proving compliance with any data-oriented regulation and, with our platform, it's delivered directly to information users, and administrators. Alternatively, MANTA can also connect through API to the data governance solution of your choice and deliver complete data lineage there.

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How MANTA helps?

Pain Point

Expensive Manual Approach

In complex data environments, manual lineage collection is not only time consuming, frustrating, and error-prone, but it also requires significant human resources. Typically, teams of 5–10 people work for 6–12 months, calling over 100 other employees each day, just to get an initial basic overview of the environment.

How MANTA Helps


All lineage is automatically discovered with no, or only minimal, manual labor needed. That speeds up the whole process and shortens the initial lineage building phase to 20% of its original length.

Pain Point

Rapid Change

For lineage to stay up to date, all changes in the data governance solution must be identified and applied constantly. The manual approach is unreliable in such cases. Changes are reported irregularly and incorrectly, and they might become obsolete the next day.

How MANTA Helps

Quick Updates

MANTA is typically scheduled to run regularly (nightly, weekly, or monthly) to identify all changes and automatically update information in the data governance solution with no additional manual labor required.

Pain Point

Integration Challenges

Having multiple complex data governance solutions in an organization makes manual lineage integration frustrating, complicated, and easy to break due to the many hidden pitfalls.

How MANTA Helps

Easy Integration

MANTA integrates smoothly with your existing data governance / data catalog solution and solves all complex integration pitfalls automatically.

Pain Point

Illusionary Lineage

Manual lineage capture is make-believe, influenced by human negligence, habits, emotions, and other factors. It leads to incorrect, inaccurate lineage and significantly reduces the value of a data governance solution.

How MANTA Helps

True Image

Lineage provided by MANTA is unbiased and 100% accurate, providing you with a real picture of your data flows.

Pain Point

Limited Lineage Understanding

Manually collected lineage contains very detailed information that has not been adjusted to a business professionals’ level of understanding. Adoption across an entire organization is slow or even impossible.

How MANTA Helps

Suitable for a Large Audience

The lineage MANTA provides is understandable and contains all the calculations and transformations that are highly useful for all users at all levels of the organization. Even very detailed lineage can be simplified and made easy to understand for business professionals.