Accelerate DevOps and Speed Up Impact Analyses

Stay at the top of your game with actionable lineage enabling a rapid, agile approach to development.

The more complex a data environment is the more work is needed to maintain and manage it. It slows down the team and affects productivity.

Growing data environments

IT and business infrastructures are becoming more and more complex as time goes by. This means that once-small data environments are becoming hard to manage and require more time and resources for maintenance, which adversely affects agility, time-to-market, data privacy, and data protection.

How MANTA helps

No more obstacles to Agile approach

MANTA keeps agile blockers at bay by allowing product teams to understand data quickly and easily. Automated and always up-to-date lineage decreases the cost of IT services, speeds up impact and root-cause analyses, and gets new team members on board and down to work faster than ever.

How MANTA Helps

Pain points

Slow Impact and Root-cause Analysis

Manually doing a root-cause analysis of a data incident and identifying all the places affected in a complex data environment is time-consuming, liable to error, and imprecise. It is also tedious and risky when impact analysis is done manually, especially when businesses are demanding more and expecting shorter time-to-delivery.

How MANTA Helps

Instant Impact and Root-cause Analysis

With MANTA, you immediately understand the impact of all planned changes and data can easily be traced back to the sources in case of any data-related incident or issue. The time needed for analysis and the risk of failure are reduced 10-fold while productivity increases 50-fold over the manual approach.

Pain points

Error-Prone Patching

Even in a well-managed environment, it’s occasionally necessary to apply security patches. A problem arises when several patches with mutual dependencies accumulate and are being updated in the wrong order causing tremendous security consequences.

How MANTA Helps

Precise Patching

With MANTA, patches can be checked for mutual dependencies before deployment, assigned the correct order, and verified beforehand so they work well together.

Pain points

Agile Blockers

Early release and delivery of new features to end users is one of the key advantages of agile. However, manually analyzing complex data pipeline dependencies in order to identify the scope of minor releases delays product delivery and slows down the team.

How MANTA Helps

Agile Made Possible

MANTA facilitates frequent releases by allowing release engineers to automatically prepare even the smallest possible delivery package, which only contains the implemented changes and their dependencies.

Pain points

Slow On-boarding

It takes a long time to get new team members up and running, which affects the organization’s productivity, as they have no easy access to information about the data pipeline, transformations, calculations, or changes that should be made.

How MANTA Helps

Accelerated On-boarding

MANTA supports new team members with detailed, targeted, and actionable information about the data pipeline and gets them going in days, instead of months.

Pain points

Vendor Lock-in Risk

When the long-term maintenance and development of a system is outsourced primarily to one vendor, it is challenging to control them, replace them if necessary, or increase competition by introducing another vendor.

How MANTA Helps

Vendor Independence

With MANTA, even systems developed by third-party outsourcing partners are easily understandable by all the organization’s team members, which allows them to implement changes on their own.