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By using MANTA, our customers:

  • regain trust in their data and make informed decisions
  • reduce risk and achieve full regulatory compliance
  • boost their data governance and make DG solutions worth the investment
  • save resources by having data journey understandable for all decision makers
  •  significantly shorten time-to-market

As a developer and manufacturer of valves, measurement and control systems for liquids, vapours and gases, for us at GEMÜ it was important to reduce the needed time to identify the impact of planned ETL process changes. With MANTA we achieved time savings of 90% in this area. With a complete, detailed, end-to-end lineage graph, the ETL team can immediately see the impacts of changes, which allows us to respond proactively, even before the changes have been implemented. Thanks to MANTA, we now know the direct and indirect impact of data, which helps us identify and fix areas of improvement in our BI system. We are pleased about this helpful feature that provides us with insights that would have otherwise been overlooked.

Robert Dostal Business Intelligence Team Leader at GEMÜ

Prior to MANTA, end-to-end impact and lineage analysis for our Enterprise Data Warehouse was not feasible. It took 6 months to perform a table-level dependency analysis on our EDW and Data Marts. With Manta, that and more was available out-of-box. Effort for analyzing impact of a source system change has decreased by at least 90%, from hours to minutes (or seconds).

Michael Lucito Schumacher Clinical Partners

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