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  • Basic UI and lineage visualization with limited automation capabilities
  • Up to 5 concurrent revisions
  • Support via HelpDesk
  • Designed to be used with a 3rd party DG solution to enhance data governance efforts
  • Up to 10 concurrent revisions
  • 1 DG tool or Data Catalog integration
  • Support via Email and HelpDesk
  • The most advanced, fully automated solution, containing UI, and all supported integrations
  • Unlimited concurrent revisions
  • All supported DG tool and Data Catalog integrations
  • Conditional Lineage
  • Support via Email and HelpDesk
50+ supported MANTA scanners
Unlimited users
MANTA instances Production & Non-production
Max 3
Max 3
Unlimited instances
Native lineage viewer
Limited metadata export from lineage visualization
Calculation logic for supported technologies MANTA shows you exactly how data flows, how it transforms along the way, and where it ends up.
Concurrent revisions MANTA automatically reports the differences between current and previous revisions, and shows you what has changed in your environment.
Up to 5
Up to 10
Single-sign-on MANTA can be configured to use single sign-on access control in your enterprise environment.
Conditional lineage When completing lineage, MANTA takes into account all data sources, including those with specific conditions that otherwise would not be shown correctly.
APIs and Integrations
Bulk import from supported formats
Bulk export to any of supported formats
Query API (to build custom apps, reports, analytics, …) The Query API allows to extract the already processed data from MANTA’s native repository and inject them into any piece of software.
Orchestration API (API for process integrations)
Integration with supported data governance tools and data catalogs
1 integration
All supported DG tools and Data Catalogs
Service and Support
Community forum, helpdesk, knowledge base
Product training videos
User trainings Max 20 people per session, remotely
2 training modules (admin, user), 1 session for each
Onboarding support
2 hours included, remotely
8 hours included, remotely
16 hours included, remotely
Technical support
Email, helpdesk
Email, helpdesk
Dedicated success manager