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Base License

Powerful Features Right Out of the Box 

50+ supported scanners Include all current and future MANTA scanners
Unlimited users
5 MANTA instances Number of MANTA licensed software products deployed, both production and non-production.
Indirect lineage MANTA delivers indirect lineage to highlight columns that impact data flow but aren’t part of the data flow.
Metadata export from GUI Export of the metadata and lineage in MANTA that is currently being explored.
Calculation logic for supported technologies MANTA shows you attribute level lineage and exactly how the data flows, how it transforms along the way, and where it ends up.
Predefined active tags Highlight issues and important parts of the data pipeline directly in the lineage diagram.
Keycloak authentication
number of
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Built for Governance, Privacy, and Quality

Data Lineage for Data Governance

Data Governance

Put your data to good use by spending less time figuring it out. Using MANTA’s automated lineage, you can maximize the value of your data governance framework and build trust in data across your organization.

Data Lineage for DataOps


Keep your data pipeline healthy by automating tedious, repetitive tasks. Increase the value of your company’s analytics by preventing defects, speeding up incident resolution time, and reducing the data analytics cycle time.

Data Lineage for Cloud Migrations

Migration to the cloud

When you enable complete data lineage before migrating to your new cloud or hybrid environment, your business will be able to correctly set expectations, stick to the plan, save money, and avoid the do-break-debug-redo cycle.

Take control of your metadata management goals and objectives and get a better understanding of your data environments.

Discover Market-Disruptive Add-On Features with MANTA

Empower your data lineage visualization by leveraging a series of robust, enabling add-ons that will make your data journey with MANTA as fast, effective, and profitable as possible.

Unlimited Historical Revisions

Compare the state of the environment or data flows live at any selected point in time.


Organize your metadata and lineage into your own folders and hierarchies.

Open MANTA: Exports

Use metadata and lineage data in MANTA to augment and optimize your existing processes.

Open MANTA: Extensions

Build your own metadata ingestion process for MANTA Flow with or without a formal scanner.

Query API

Run advanced analytics on top of your lineage and automate your impact analyses.

Orchestration API

Support for MANTA Admin UI as well as the configuration and management functions for external applications and integrations.

Integration with Supported Data Governance Tools and Data Catalogs

Export MANTA’s lineage to the third-party governance solution of your choice.

CyberArk Integration

Safely access the necessary passwords directly in CyberArk without having to enter them into MANTA.

Custom Active Tags

Highlight issues and important parts of the data pipeline directly in the lineage diagram.

MANTA’s Success Team Dedicated to Hands-on Service and Support

MANTA’s renowned customer success team will assist you throughout your data management journey and help your data team get more done faster and collaborate more effectively.

Community forum, helpdesk, knowledge base
Product training videos
3 training modules, 10 training tickets
Onboarding support
8 hours included
Technical support
email, helpdesk
Dedicated customer support

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