The following policies are subject to change and may be amended on a case by case basis – check your contract, order or equivalent document for any modifications.

Licensing Policies

Each Manta Tools component license covers any number of non-production environments, as long as they are used exclusively for the development and QA associated with a licensed production environment.

Items sold together must only be used together or with a specified Manta Tools environment approved in writing by Manta Tools.

Support Policies

Standard maintenance and support are offered for 20% of the license price. The first year is added automatically to every new license purchase; the second and following years in continuous series are available under similar conditions at the customer’s discretion.

Should a customer’s entitlement to maintenance and/or support end (due to cancellation, non-payment, or for any other reason), a reinstatement may be awarded or denied at Manta Tools’ discretion and is subject to individual conditions.

From the maintenance and/or support entitlement perspective, all directly or indirectly interconnected Manta Tools components are treated as a single unit. It is not possible to start, end or reinstate a maintenance/support entitlement for only one part of such a unit.

Remote assistance is provided by Manta Tools Help Desk and telephone. For the EMEA region, support hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm CET/CEST.

Release Policy

New versions of Manta Tools products are made available as released, with four regular releases per year in February, May, August and November. The list of features planned for the next release is based on input from our current and potential customers and partners. The list for the given release is always available – as a short summary on our blog, or a long version per request. Every regular release also includes all fixes for errors reported in the previous release period.

Unplanned vendor releases might emerge during the year. Those are generally hotfixes and they are also available to all customers and partners. After each release, a list of all implemented features and fixes is published.

Upgrade Policy

We monitor release cycles for all supported technologies and discuss upgrade plans with our current customers and partners. We integrate all the information gathered into our long-term plans affecting our release plans. We also strive for the same or better functionality, when supported technologies release new versions of their products. Based on customer demand, we may add support for newly added features of supported technologies.

Manta Tools will cease providing standard support for a particular product release 18 months after the date of general availability of a subsequent release of the same product.

Payment Policy

Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by Manta Tools, all invoices are to be paid within thirty (30) days of the invoice date, in the currency of the invoice, by a bank transfer to Manta Tools’ account.

Prices do not include legally applicable taxes or duty fees which shall be paid by the purchasing party.

More information and community advice available in our Knowledge Base. Use email manta@mantatools.com to apply for free access.

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