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Enhance your solution

Get complete, accurate technical metadata & lineage directly into your solution.

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Cut your costs

Perform faster impact analyses, speed-up migration projects and cut costs when working on your customer's projects.

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Widen your scope

Be able to provide better services and take on larger projects.

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Have faster, cheaper and way more accurate data lineage at hand in no time.

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Certified Experts

Number of companies using MANTA grows exponentially and knowing how to install and use MANTA is an important skill among both customers and freelancers.

Becoming a MANTA Certified Expert helps you not only to operate MANTA, but also to deepen your knowledge of business & technical metadata management and data governance supported by the actual data lineage.

Certification provided by MANTA is free, issued for one year (including online & paper versions of the certificate and Certified Expert pin). Certification seminars are carried our quarterly, online.


Learn more & become MANTA CE

Partner Zone and Knowledge Base

Partner Zone is a place, where MANTA’s partners, customers and Certified Experts get all the resources they need to successfully install, manage and customize MANTA to their or their customer’s needs.

Please, note that you need to be registered partner, customer or MANTA CE to get in.


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What’s inside

  • Salesman’s suitcase
  • Complete documentation
  • Troubleshooting articles
  • Installation manuals
  • Detailed roadmap
  • Legal documents

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