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By cooperating with MANTA, our partners:

  • increase revenue by offering MANTA as an additional service
  • enlarge their solutions technology coverage
  • widen their product portfolio
  • expand their customer base

Providing custom application development to a variety of clients, it is critical for us to provide them with data lineage ready for various business usage and adjusted to their users' level of technical understanding. Thanks to cooperation with MANTA and their excellent support, we can offer our customers a comprehensive solution, leaving the competitors far behind.

Pavel Jíhlavec CEO, Profinit

We don’t partner with many companies, but when we do, we make sure we see clear market leadership, high added value, and superb service and support for our customers. MANTA offers our customers a unique, competitive product, allowing them to make the most out of their data, especially in terms of accelerating impact analyses and taking the reins of metadata management. Our customers can also count on MANTA’s support whenever they need to overcome peculiar or complex challenges in this field.

Michal Ventruba CEO, UD4D

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