MANTA + IBM DB2 Database

MANTA parses all objects in any DB2 database and shows you actual data lineage in the data governance solution of your choice.

MANTA can handle even very complex code constructs and map all data flows in a fraction of the time any human ever could.

When the database structure is very complex, for example when data from many tables is combined into a single column, MANTA can automatically trace the lineage back to its roots. It is able to analyze all code operating with data stored in:

  • Scripts
  • Database dictionaries
  • Stored procedures
  • Extra scripts outside the database
  • Functions
  • Views
  • Packages
  • Objects
  • Triggers
  • And more

With MANTA, you will understand how every procedure works, how the data is transformed between tables, and you will get an overall picture of your data.


Free trial for 30 days. Assisted pilot/proof of concept in your test environment also available.

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