• Interactive map. Creates a live graph of the environment across multiple systems including shady hand-coded parts.
  • Detailed view. Allows you to see and understand what each individual script does even below a statement level, and how they relate to each other.
  • Time-machine function. Compares previous versions of data flow visualization to the current one and gives you even more control.
  • Science-based semantic analysis. Provides robust results regardless of code complexity and individual developers’ quirks.
  • No disruption. Does not stop your current operations in any way.
  • High performance. Takes only minutes to crunch thousands of scripts and generate full documentation out of actual code.
  • Widely connectible. Integrates perfectly with metadata management platform like Informatica Metadata Manager and data modeling tools like Sybase Power Designer.
  • API-positive. Delivers all metadata through API. And for those who like to play it old-school, also in structured formats (CSV, for example).

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