MANTA + Collibra Data Governance Center

MANTA integrates with Collibra Data Governance Center, parses all the code in the connected databases, and shows you the actual traceability of your data.

Manta provides DGC with data lineage that is always up-to-date, thanks to full automation.

MANTA connects itself through CollibraConnect and creates its own “Manta Meta Model”. The Manta Model is connected to native DGC Physical Assets, allowing Manta to dive into all the data you have, and describe all the transformations it finds through the database dialects we support:

  • BTEQ scripts, stored procedures, views, and macros from Teradata
  • PL/SQL scripts, stored procedures, packages, and more, including DB links, from Oracle DB & Exadata
  • T-SQL scripts, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure SQL Database, stored procedures, and more, including linked servers, from Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase (now SAP ASE), and PDW
  • NZPLSQL scripts, stored procedures, and more from IBM Netezza
  • DB2 scripts, stored procedures, and more from IBM DB2
  • Cognos SQL overrides and workflows from Informatica PowerCenter
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and Microsoft SSIS

With MANTA, you will understand how every procedure works, how the data is transformed between tables, and you will get an overall picture of your data.


Free trial for 30 days. Assisted pilot/proof of concept in your test environment also available.

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