• Powerful rule-based engine. You can create new rules with various levels of complexity. The rules provide a great foundation for documenting your internal guidelines, which can then be shared across teams to improve data governance.
  • Default rules at the ready. Covers industry best practices and vendor recommendations with a default set of rules.
  • Automated reviews. Performs automated review runs. Schedule daily or weekly checks to assess the health and quality of your code periodically.
  • Robust internal audit trail. Stores all check results in a database and reveals the quality track record of individual developers.
  • Personal assessment. Allows developers to perform self-assessments on their own machines before submitting their work for review.
  • Advanced reporting. Logs validation results in a database where they are then available for review, sharing, workflow management, and vendor assessment.
  • Export-friendly. Delivers report results in various formats including HTML for review or XML for automated processing.

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