MANTA & Ataccama Webinar

On February 5, together with our partner Ataccama, we are hosting a free webinar on how to take your data management self-service to the next level by using MANTA’s lineage directly in Ataccama’s AI-powered augmented data management platform, Ataccama ONE. The webinar will shed some light on the benefits of the integration and will give you a unique opportunity to talk to both MANTA’s and Ataccama’s engineers, so you’ll definitely want to be there with us!


See Ataccama ONE + MANTA integration firsthand and also learn:

  1. How MANTA’s customers can benefit from using the Ataccama ONE platform and its features such as collaborative data stewardship, AI and machine learning, the robust data processing engine, multiple deployment options, and enterprise-proven capabilities including meeting various security, compliance, and availability requirements
  2. How to get a truly enterprise-wide picture of your enterprise data flows
  3. Why lineage is important for both business and technical users
  4. What value an automatically derived business layer on top of technical data lineage can provide
  5. Why technical lineage needs to be integrated into a larger data management solution
  6. How to use lineage to increase productivity and improve risk management within all major data management practices including data privacy, information security, data quality, data governance, and regulatory compliance