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#MANTAtalks in Dutch: Leveraging Automated Data Lineage in the Financial Industry

Watch the webinar by Jeanette Hadderingh (NIBE-SVV Opleidingen‎), Stephan den Adel (Blue Frog), and Marek Pikna (MANTA) and learn:

  • How knowing the complete journey of data helps you keep up with ever-changing compliance requirements (such as BCBS 239, CCPA, GDPR, SOX, MiFID, and more)
  • How MANTA’s lineage helps resolve collaboration issues and bridge the understanding gap
  • How to leverage automated lineage to better scope cloud migrations and carry out the process in a safe way
  • How to make the most of data analytics and prevent defects with proactive impact analyses
  • How to immediately track down data issues to fix them and prevent them from happening again
  • How to leverage lineage to your advantage and avoid harming your existing data management strategy after a successful M&A process
  • And more 

Please note that the parts of the webinar by Jeanette and Stephen are covered in Dutch.