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Bridging the Gap between Data Management and DevOps

Manual processes, data silos, and rigid data management schemas can sabotage your efforts to fulfill the speed and flexibility requirements set by DevOps. But with the right tools and methods in place, you can easily overcome any data challenges, improve collaboration, achieve DevOps, and enable DataOps.

How to keep up with the speed requirements of DevOps and achieve DataOps in siloed environments? Watch the webinar by Lenore Adam, Director of Product Marketing at Delphix, and Ernie Ostic, SVP of Products at MANTA, to learn:

  • Why automating data operations is crucial for the entire software delivery lifecycle
  • How to accelerate feedback loops for developers
  • How data lineage helps achieve data pipeline observability
  • How to accelerate debugging with immediately available end-to-end lineage reporting
  • And more