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Improve Data Pipeline Transparency with MANTA’s Active Tags

LeaOrganizations all over the world are continually being inundated with information that they need to trust and act upon. Numerous products on the market provide solutions for data privacy, security, and governance, but they lack one thing—data pipeline insight. Those solutions discover and classify your data, identifying assets that contain personal, sensitive, or regulated data. But they don’t know which data should be flagged for special attention or why because they don’t know anything about your business or your goals. So, we’ve designed a one-of-a-kind feature that allows you to highlight and draw attention to selected nodes within the data lineage diagram. Meet active tags, fully customizable attributes that you can use to tag metrics such as data privacy or data quality that are relevant to YOUR projects and priorities

active Tags 1

What Are Active Tags?

MANTA’s active tags are color-coded actionable attributes that allow you to mark information that is extremely important to you in the context of the data pipeline. Active tags are fully customizable and are designed to improve the searchability and discoverability of your metadata. Users can select color and text attributes according to the purpose of the tag. For example, if you want to draw attention to an asset containing personally identifiable information, you can use an active tag highlighting the letters PII. MANTA’s active tags are visible both in the repository tree and in the lineage visualization. Active tags also enable a tooltip so that a user can hover over the active tag with their pointer and see additional site-specific information about that particular object or property.

active Tags 2
Displaying active tags in the repository tree
active Tags 3
Displaying active tags in MANTA’s lineage

On top of fully customizable active tags, we also offer default active tags for significant transformations. When MANTA identifies an actual calculation, not only a move of data, MANTA recognizes it as transforming and automatically highlights it with a blue TT icon. The icon is available out of the box for such transformations, but you can, of course, customize it to fit your needs. MANTA also identifies primary and foreign keys that are automatically flagged with PK and FK icons to bring them to your attention.

active Tags 4
Significant transformations, primary and foreign key default active tags

Active Tags for Data Privacy and Data Quality

With active tags, users can easily flag any asset in the context of their data pipelines. By attributing fully customized icons to individual nodes, teams working on data privacy and data quality issues will significantly improve collaboration and accelerate issue resolution. Nodes with meaningful transformations can easily be identified, and nodes with custom attributes for data sensitivity or data quality (or any other desired condition) are easily highlighted at the detail and summary levels within a lineage diagram.

active Tags 5

Data Governance and Data Privacy

Displaying MANTA’s active tags in the lineage visualization is a major game-changer for any data governance project.

Active tags allow you to highlight personal or sensitive data assets (with the information derived from the tools that look at data and can determine which elements contain such information). With the tags visible both in the repository and the lineage diagram, you can immediately see where the regulated data resides, how it moves upstream and downstream, and where it originated.

active Tags 6

Marking PII or sensitive information directly in the lineage saves you a lot of time that otherwise would have been spent on manual discovery. In case of a compliance audit, you will immediately see how the regulated data flows and interacts with other assets.

If you’re subject to industry regulations that require you to conduct proactive risk assessments, active tags serve as a visual aid to help you determine if planned changes will affect data that contains sensitive information.

Data Quality

MANTA’s active tags have also been engineered to help you highlight data quality issues in the system. These are issues that you have identified with other solutions but that need to be highlighted within the context of your data flows, just like data privacy.

Tagging problematic areas draws attention to them so you can more quickly determine the location of data quality problems that cause reports to be inaccurate and resolve them before they become critical. This is a powerful feature that will help you prioritize tasks and improve collaboration.

active Tags 3

MANTA’s active tags are a powerful feature that improves overall data pipeline transparency. With active tags, you can highlight the data that matters for YOUR processes and policies and ensure that you are using it in a way that satisfies your needs.

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