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Data Affect x MANTA: Detailed Technical Collateral

Data Affect x MANTA: Detailed Technical Collateral

Data Affect and MANTA work together to equip data users with the automated data lineage solution that supports their data management needs by providing them with a clear and understandable map of all data flows, along with their dependencies and transformations.

Data Affect specializes in IT business consulting for enterprise data strategy, data governance, data integration, and data security and privacy. We work with executives and IT leaders and provide operational, tactical data management expertise with immediate data insight, helping you drive value across your business. We specialize in creating well-defined data governance strategies with processes for governing how, when, and with whom your data is being used.

MANTA is a world-class data lineage platform that automatically scans your data environment to build a powerful map of all data flows and deliver it through a native UI and other channels to both technical and non-technical users.

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Our scanners connect to various parts of your environment, automatically gather all metadata, and reconstruct complete lineage that gives you the most accurate complete overview of the state of the data the organization is processing to improve data governance efforts, enable DataOps, and help with Cloud migrations.

Platform description

The complexity of data environments and the volume of data being processed by every organization make it challenging for organizations to document the sources of the data they are processing, assign context to the data, and understand how the final values were derived and the data assets influence each other.

Data-Affect x MANTA Detailed Technical

With MANTA’s automated lineage platform these questions are answered within a few clicks. Our unique features and filters allow every data user to fine-tune the lineage visualization to their needs and avoid information overload to make sure they are only working with the relevant data. It allows Data Affect customers to:

  • Design solid data governance programs to ensure data quality and privacy
  • Adhere to data-related regulations
  • Lay the foundation for trusted reporting and better forecasting
  • Prepare data for use in other parts of the organization to enable DataOps and streamline cloud migration projects

Join Benefits

Our partnership allows us to provide Data Affect’s customers with complete visibility into all data flows, along with their sources, dependencies, and transformations, in an automated way. Automating data lineage collection across multiple sources and systems ensures immediate delivery of the most accurate and up-to-date information without the need to engage extensive resources.

Eliminating the manual tasks around harvesting data lineage eliminates the risk of human error and leaves no room for hesitation or misinterpretation of data. With the automated lineage platform Data Affect users:

  • Meet data compliance standards (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, GLBA, and more)
  • Save time, money, and resources by avoiding the lengthy, error-prone, manual processes surrounding data management
  • Prepare more accurate and timely reports thanks to detailed lineage adjusted to every data user’s needs and technical understanding
  • Use data with confidence thanks to increased transparency
  • Enhance data privacy and security thanks to a complete overview of the sensitive data that the organization is processing
  • Improve and accelerate collaboration between various departments that can start using the data required for their task without having to reach out to the IT department
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