Differentiate between what’s a trend and what’s here to stay.

Data is the undercurrent that flows throughout your entire business, feeding and nourishing your enterprise ecosystem. But in the last few years, the way we use that data has changed dramatically. Digital transformation, a term that’s become overused in many instances, has been a driving force behind the evolution of our data and what we can do with it, and some trends that once seemed fleeting are here to stay. 

Now more than ever one thing is clear: data lineage is a necessity. 

A recent study found that over 90% of respondents reported that their organizations had major data initiatives planned for 2023, but over half said they faced challenges realizing the business value of their data. 

Understanding what’s trending and which buying factors to consider when looking for a lineage tool can save you millions of dollars and contribute to a healthier data ecosystem. Download our 2023 Data Lineage Outlook: Buying Factors and Trends, where our data experts have broken down 8 trends and buying factors, including:

  • The rising importance of active metadata management
  • Descriptive language in the context of lineage capabilities
  • Application analytics
  • And more

Learn how to harness these trends to unlock the full potential of your data flows. Download your copy today. 

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