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MANTA connects to Informatica EDC and enhances the data lineage provided to users. How does it work? MANTA connects to the same databases as EDC and scans all the DDL scripts stored there. Then, it automatically pushes in data lineage that integrates with EDC’s native resources while enriching the previous data lineage with stored procedures, pieces of SQL code that were hidden before (because EDC has a hard time reading them), and other pieces of programming code.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a data origin?

The source of data is the point of origin. This point can be a source database, schema, table, and/or column where the data was housed before being moved to or transformed from other systems.

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How can data lineage help data scientists make better reports?

Data lineage provides data scientists with greater functionality for locating the appropriate metrics required for their reports, requiring less time and effort. It also affords greater confidence in the metrics being utilized in the reports, as it is possible to visualize the lineage back to the source technologies.

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Does data lineage require a data dictionary or glossary?

As a matter of fact, data lineage does not require the use or access to a data dictionary. Data lineage is independent of any of these solutions.

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What is data lineage in a data lake?

A data lake allows for the movement, transformation, and utilization of data by other applications. Data lineage results from these activities, which MANTA’s automated data lineage platform can visualize. 

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Are there open-source data catalog tools?

There are open-source data catalog tools that “catalog” the data in an organization, its location, and how it can be accessed. When it comes to seeing how your data functions inside your data environment, a data catalog tool is valuable but incomplete.

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What makes a data migration process quick and easy?

Performing data migrations in large legacy environments can be tricky since there are so many unknowns and blind spots. Before initiating a migration project, conduct automated data lineage to ensure you have mapped the migrated systems and understand the data dependencies completely before starting the migration.

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What is a data lineage scanner?

A data lineage scanner connects to database repositories, ETL tools, reporting tools, and other types of source technology to document how data flows, transforms, and impacts assets both downstream and upstream as well as where the data is sourced from, making it possible to gain full visibility and control over even the most complex data pipelines.

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How do I understand my legacy/data environment to prepare for my migration?

MANTA can be utilized to better understand how a legacy environment is architected, which helps when preparing for a migration project. Specifically, it allows you to accurately assess the complexity of the to-be-migrated system and its sources and dependencies. It enables the migration team to provide accurate estimates of the time and effort it will take to complete the project. It also allows you to plan the migration phases with respect to the dependencies in the environment.

Does MANTA provide documentation regarding server requirements, definitions, and technical specifications?

Yes, this documentation can be located in the MANTA Knowledge Base.

Does MANTA follow the DAMA data governance framework?

MANTA focuses on data lineage, which is derived from metadata. The data within the connected resources is left untouched during a scan.

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How flexible is MANTA when it comes to possible integrations?

Can I integrate MANTA with my CICD pipeline?

Yes, MANTA can be utilized as a component of a CICD pipeline to supplement teams’ development efforts.

How can MANTA integrate with my data intelligence? 

You can boost your data intelligence efforts with detailed, accurate, and up-to-date data lineage provided by MANTA. MANTA has a robust API for developing integrations with data intelligence tools.

Can I integrate MANTA with my data privacy tool?

Yes, you can leverage MANTA’s comprehensive data lineage to build trust in data, ensure data security, and adjust your data privacy policies. MANTA has a robust API for developing integrations with data privacy tools.

Can I integrate MANTA with my profiling tool?

You can utilize MANTA’s detailed lineage and unique features for data profiling and achieving better data quality. MANTA has a robust API for developing integrations with data profiling tools.

How can MANTA integrate with my metadata management tool? 

MANTA has OOTB connectors to all the major players in the data governance/cataloging space. MANTA also can export its repository to consumable formats for unsupported third-party metadata management applications. Please visit MANTA’s Integrations page to find a full list of supported data governance tools/catalogs.

Does MANTA work with various ETL orchestrations? 

There will always be technologies on the market that don’t have supported scanners provided by MANTA. In order for the lineage from unsupported technologies to be represented in MANTA visualization diagrams, MANTA provides a framework called Open MANTA. The Open MANTA framework makes it possible to define and manage lineage generated by unsupported technologies.

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Why augment Snowflake with data lineage?

If Snowflake is utilized as a source for reports, applications, or another relational database, then having an up-to-date auditable blueprint of its data lineage is a must. Automated lineage gathering can reduce the time and costs of moving data to Snowflake by boosting business outcomes and migration benefits.

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Get to Know Your Data’s Complete Story with Data Lineage

Metadata—data about your data—holds necessary information that helps you unlock valuable insights. Insights that will allow you to fully understand your data and get rid of anecdote-driven decisions and processes once and for all.

MANTA fits with most popular data management systems. Interested in seeing how these technologies connect with MANTA? Get in touch with us!