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MANTA can connect to the same databases and BI servers as the Alation Data Catalog, analyze them, and expand the data in Alation. MANTA automatically retrieves information about database scripts, BI reports, and transformations in ETL tools; creates data flows; and uploads them to the Alation Data Catalog. MANTA can also connect to already-existing data in Alation, thus, for example, adding more links between database tables.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between metadata management and data governance?

Metadata management is the administration of system processes that catalog, profile, and manage the data about the data. Data governance brings together the components of your overall data management strategy (database operations, metadata management, data warehousing, etc.), providing a framework of rules and policies to ensure the quality, integrity, and security of your data as it flows throughout the enterprise system.

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Is data lineage part of data governance?

Data governance, at its core, is establishing trust in data – the quality and sources of data, the integrity and the use of data, and the security of data during the lifecycle of data within the enterprise. Data lineage plays an important role in your data governance framework and overall data management strategy by providing visibility into how data flows throughout your environment as well as transparency in the sourcing, structure, and evolution of your data.  

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What is the purpose of data lineage?

Data lineage helps you tame data complexity and gives you a full overview of how your data moves across systems, including where it originated, how it transforms along the way, and how it’s interconnected. Such an overview will help you boost your data governance efforts, increase overall trust in data, achieve full regulatory compliance, accelerate root cause and impact analyses, roll out our frequent bug-free releases, painlessly migrate to the cloud, and more. 

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Get to Know Your Data’s Complete Story with Data Lineage

Metadata—data about your data—holds necessary information that helps you unlock valuable insights. Insights that will allow you to fully understand your data and get rid of anecdote-driven decisions and processes once and for all.

MANTA fits with most popular data management systems. Interested in seeing how these technologies connect with MANTA? Get in touch with us!