The Future of Data Lineage: MANTA Virtual Reality Project

Try it yourself in 360°

3D Data Lineage VR Video We Couldn’t Show You

We’re excited to show you our latest experiment that explores the future of lineage reporting and challenges today’s methods for reviewing enterprise data pipelines.

We originally wanted to show you all these in person at trade shows and during customer visits. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic got in our way. So, we’ve decided to put together this 360° virtual reality video and put it on YouTube!

Is This What Future is Going To Be Like?

We do not know. However, the immersive nature of the VR environment offers compelling ways to understand the abstract concept of data lineage. In the not-so-distant future, we might be able to analyze data flows in a radically different way and come up with extraordinary solutions to everyday data management problems.

Visit our “virtual conference booth” and treat your senses to a data lineage experience like you’ve never had before.

HOWTO: In your desktop browser, use your mouse to look around. On your smartphone, or a VR headset, just use the YouTube app.


MANTA’s data lineage platform provides detailed, accurate, and automated lineage for every aspect of data management. Every company’s data processing environment can be improved by transforming metadata from passive information into an active driver of change with MANTA.

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