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Root Cause Analysis

Is MANTA an incident resolution tool?

MANTA’s solution allows you to prevent data issues in the design phase or spot such issues in the implementation and testing phase to increase productivity and reduce maintenance costs. With MANTA’s complete lineage, data-related issues can be traced back to the source 90% faster than with the traditional manual approach, so the teams responsible for particular systems can fix any issue in a matter of minutes.

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Is MANTA a root cause analysis tool?

MANTA accelerates root cause analysis significantly. With MANTA's complete lineage, organizations are able to track every data-related issue back to its source 90% faster compared to the traditional manual approach, so the teams in charge of specific systems are able to fix any malfunctioning system quickly.  

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Is MANTA a data impact analysis tool?

With MANTA’s solution, DataOps teams have immediate visibility of how a planned change will influence other parts of the data environment. Having a full overview of data dependencies enables them to check the impacts of all planned changes early in the development process in the design phase. Teams that use MANTA report a significant drop in the number of erroneous releases (below 1%) and improved productivity (by 30-40%) thanks to MANTA’s automated capabilities.

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Does MANTA do dependency analysis?

An invaluable tool for analyzing data dependency is the lineage graph generated by MANTA. You are able to see exactly how each attribute is related to another, how a particular transformation impacts them, or how a particular transformation has affected the data. Knowing the answers to such questions will give you more power and control over dependencies and will enable you to deploy more automated techniques. 

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