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Metadata Management

Why is data lineage important?

Data lineage provides a full overview of how your data flows through the systems of your environment via a detailed map of all direct and indirect dependencies between data entities within the environment. This gives you a greater understanding of the source, structure, and evolution of your data.

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Does data lineage require a data dictionary or glossary?

As a matter of fact, data lineage does not require the use or access to a data dictionary. Data lineage is independent of any of these solutions.

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How can I migrate server and data fast?

Performing data migrations in large legacy environments can be tricky since there are so many unknowns and blind spots. Before initiating a migration project, conduct automated data lineage to ensure you have mapped the migrated systems and understand the data dependencies completely before starting the migration.

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How flexible is MANTA when it comes to possible integrations?

Can I integrate MANTA with my CICD pipeline?

Yes, MANTA can be utilized as a component of a CICD pipeline to supplement teams’ development efforts.

How can MANTA integrate with my data intelligence? 

You can boost your data intelligence efforts with detailed, accurate, and up-to-date data lineage provided by MANTA. MANTA has a robust API for developing integrations with data intelligence tools.

Can I integrate MANTA with my data privacy tool?

Yes, you can leverage MANTA’s comprehensive data lineage to build trust in data, ensure data security, and adjust your data privacy policies. MANTA has a robust API for developing integrations with data privacy tools.

Can I integrate MANTA with my profiling tool?

You can utilize MANTA’s detailed lineage and unique features for data profiling and achieving better data quality. MANTA has a robust API for developing integrations with data profiling tools.

How can MANTA integrate with my metadata management tool? 

MANTA has OOTB connectors to all the major players in the data governance/cataloging space. MANTA also can export its repository to consumable formats for unsupported third-party metadata management applications. Please visit MANTA’s Integrations page to find a full list of supported data governance tools/catalogs.

Does MANTA work with various ETL orchestrations? 

There will always be technologies on the market that don’t have supported scanners provided by MANTA. In order for the lineage from unsupported technologies to be represented in MANTA visualization diagrams, MANTA provides a framework called Open MANTA. The Open MANTA framework makes it possible to define and manage lineage generated by unsupported technologies.

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How long does it take to implement a new data lineage tool?

What is data lineage in data governance?

Data governance, at its core, is establishing trust in data - the quality and sources of data, the integrity and the use of data, and the security of data during the lifecycle of data within the enterprise. Data lineage plays an important role in your data governance framework and overall data management strategy by providing visibility into how data flows throughout your environment as well as transparency in the sourcing, structure, and evolution of your data.  

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What is the most important feature of a data lineage application?

The most important capabilities of a data lineage application are automation and the ability to review how lineage looked in the past and compare two different time slices. Automating data lineage collection is the only way to ensure accurate and up-to-date results. Delivering historical lineage and comparing two different time slices allows you to see how the lineage developed. Such delivery is key to achieving a holistic view of the data landscape.

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We have a very large set of data across multiple databases. Can we still do data lineage and visualize data flow easily?

MANTA supports the highest number of native scanners of all the data lineage solutions available on the market. MANTA also offers a unique Open MANTA solution that allows you to benefit from MANTA’s lineage even when there’s no formal scanner available for the desired technology. Combining those capabilities allows MANTA to scan every nook and cranny of your data ecosystem to harvest accurate and up-to-date data lineage across multiple databases and visualize data flows. 

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Should data lineage be part of a data migration strategy?

Migrating from legacy systems or simply adding a new data source to any cloud platform becomes complex without visibility across all data flows to guide the process. Lineage automation helps you gain visibility and avoid the dangers of not knowing by illustrating exactly which data gets used, how it gets used, where it comes from, and how it transforms as it flows across systems.

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What is the purpose of data lineage?

Data lineage helps you tame data complexity and gives you a full overview of how your data moves across systems, including where it originated, how it transforms along the way, and how it’s interconnected. Such an overview will help you boost your data governance efforts, increase overall trust in data, achieve full regulatory compliance, accelerate root cause and impact analyses, roll out our frequent bug-free releases, painlessly migrate to the cloud, and more. 

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