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What is the difference between data mapping, data flow, and data lineage?

During data mapping, the data source or source system (e.g., a terminology, data set, database) is identified, and the target repository (e.g., a database, data warehouse, data lake, cloud-based system, or application) is identified as where it’s going or being mapped to.

Data flow is this actual movement of data throughout your environment—its transfer between data sets, systems, and/or applications.

Data lineage uses these two functions (what data is moving, where the data is going) to look at how the data is moving, help you understand why, and determine the possible impacts. Data lineage provides a full overview of how your data flows throughout the systems of your environment via a detailed map of all direct and indirect dependencies between data entities within the environment. This gives you a greater understanding of the source, structure, and evolution of your data.

Nicholas Murphy
Nicholas Murphy
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