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What is the difference between Manta Live and Manta Flow?

MANTA Live is an online demo that lets you upload a sample of your own script into the browser to try out MANTA’s features and lineage visualization options.

MANTA Flow is the application that actually gathers all the metadata to reconstruct complete lineage. MANTA Flow is made up of three major components.

  • MANTA Flow CLI—Java command-line application that extracts all scripts from source databases and repositories, analyzes them, sends all gathered metadata to MANTA Flow Server, and optionally, processes and uploads the generated export to a target metadata database
  • MANTA Flow Server—Java server application that stores all gathered metadata in its metadata repository, transforms it into a format suitable for export to a target metadata database, and provides it to its visualization or third-party applications via API
  • MANTA Admin UI—Java server application providing a graphical and programming interface for the installation, configuration, update, and overall maintenance of MANTA Flow

Open MANTA allows you to build your own metadata ingestion process for MANTA Flow and take advantage of the MANTA Flow platform even when there’s no formal scanner available.

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