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Why augment Snowflake with data lineage?

Snowflake is often used to generate reports, applications, or other relational databases, so an auditable blueprint of its data lineage can provide huge benefits. With automated lineage gathering, business outcomes are boosted and migration benefits are gained by reducing the time and cost of transferring data to Snowflake.

What does MANTA support in Snowflake?

Snowflake components currently supported by MANTA’s scanner:

  • Data dictionaries—get lineage for asset catalogs in hierarchical databases
  • Scripts—lineage for custom SQL and ETL activities in MANTA’s native UI
  • Views—visualize the SQL logic for user-defined tables to boost data accuracy and trust and speed up reporting
  • Functions—extract metadata from Snowflake functions for custom logic and pipeline insights
  • External tables—see connections and dependencies across offsite data sources for queried files

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