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How to use data lineage

What is a good data migration strategy?

How do I fix my broken reports?

Can MANTA be used for data migration preparation?

How do I track data lineage?

How do you implement data lineage?

Why is data lineage important?

Data lineage provides a full overview of how your data flows through the systems of your environment via a detailed map of all direct and indirect dependencies between data entities within the environment. This gives you a greater understanding of the source, structure, and evolution of your data.

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Does data lineage require a data dictionary or glossary?

As a matter of fact, data lineage does not require the use or access to a data dictionary. Data lineage is independent of any of these solutions.

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Are there open-source data catalog tools?

There are open-source data catalog tools that "catalog" the data in an organization, its location, and how it can be accessed. When it comes to seeing how your data functions inside your data environment, a data catalog tool is valuable but incomplete.

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How can I migrate server and data fast?

Performing data migrations in large legacy environments can be tricky since there are so many unknowns and blind spots. Before initiating a migration project, conduct automated data lineage to ensure you have mapped the migrated systems and understand the data dependencies completely before starting the migration.

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Why augment Snowflake with data lineage?

If Snowflake is utilized as a source for reports, applications, or another relational database, then having an up-to-date auditable blueprint of its data lineage is a must. Automated lineage gathering can reduce the time and costs of moving data to Snowflake by boosting business outcomes and migration benefits.

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