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How can I migrate server and data fast?

Performing data migrations in large legacy environments can be tricky since there are so many unknowns and blind spots. Before initiating a migration project, conduct automated data lineage to ensure you have mapped the migrated systems and understand the data dependencies completely before starting the migration.

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How do I understand my legacy/data environment to prepare for my migration?

MANTA can be utilized to better understand how a legacy environment is architected, which helps when preparing for a migration project. Specifically, it allows you to accurately assess the complexity of the to-be-migrated system and its sources and dependencies. It enables the migration team to provide accurate estimates of the time and effort it will take to complete the project. It also allows you to plan the migration phases with respect to the dependencies in the environment.

Does MANTA provide documentation regarding server requirements, definitions, and technical specifications?

Yes, this documentation can be located in the MANTA Knowledge Base.

Does MANTA follow the DAMA data governance framework?

MANTA focuses on data lineage, which is derived from metadata. The data within the connected resources is left untouched during a scan.

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Should data lineage be part of a data migration strategy?

Migrating from legacy systems or simply adding a new data source to any cloud platform becomes complex without visibility across all data flows to guide the process. Lineage automation helps you gain visibility and avoid the dangers of not knowing by illustrating exactly which data gets used, how it gets used, where it comes from, and how it transforms as it flows across systems.

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How do MANTA’s active tags work?

Active tags are fully customizable color-coded attributes that allow you to highlight information relevant to you in the context of the data pipeline. With active tags, you can draw attention to specific characteristics (such as data quality or data privacy issues) and mark them directly in the lineage diagram and repository tree. MANTA also offers default active tags that are flagged for you automatically to bring them to your attention. Default active tags include significant transformations and primary and foreign keys.

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