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How long does it take to implement a new data lineage tool?

In general, the base deployment takes about a week. Scanning the data sources (locations where the data is gathered) takes more time depending on how prepared they are and how complex they are. There are several factors that affect deployment time.

If all the prerequisites are met, MANTA Flow Server will be installed, then the Single-Sign-On/Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (SSO/LDAP) connections are made, and then the focus shifts to connecting to the data sources that need data lineage.

With so many variations in data sources, the timelines will vary based on data source complexity, the number of connections, the number of data sources supported out of the box, the readiness of the environment and respective teams, the data sources that are not supported out of the box, and the data sources that require professional services or partner implementation.

Nicholas Murphy
Nicholas Murphy
Sales Engineer

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