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Does MANTA do dependency analysis?

The lineage graph generated by MANTA is invaluable help for data dependency analysis. You can easily see the relationships between data attributes, what is happening to them, or how a specific transformation has affected the data. The ability to answer such questions gives you more power and control over dependencies and allows you to deploy more advanced techniques for automation.

This layer manifests through various capabilities—the ability to differentiate between various types of dependencies (direct, indirect), understand the evolution of data lineage over a period of time (time slicing, revisions), or translate the real data processing code into more high-level, user-friendly expressions.

Does MANTA do dependency analysis

What are dependency analysis tools?

Dependency analysis tools map data dependencies to document and monitor the relationships between data attributes across your data environments. An automated data lineage platform that covers your whole data stack and connects to various parts of your data systems allows you to easily understand such connections and perform better data dependency analyses.

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Nicholas Murphy
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