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What is a data lineage scanner?

By connecting databases, ETL tools, reporting tools, and other types of source technologies to data lineage scanners, you can track how and where data flows and transforms, in addition to the originating source, allowing full visibility across even the most complex data pipelines and complete control over them.  

Does MANTA have its own database scanners?

Yes, all of MANTA’s scanners were developed in-house. We offer 50+ native scanners for databases, ETL tools, reporting and analytics software, modeling tools, and programming languages to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date lineage visualization.

Can MANTA merge its scanners with our existing scanners?

Yes, MANTA allows you to ingest the metadata you already have through Open MANTA API. To learn more about Open MANTA and the option to ingest your custom metadata, please visit

Can MANTA scanners be customized?

MANTA provides 50+ OOTB scanners that are designed to handle lineage from the respective technologies. These scanners should not require any customizations as they are designed for a specific technology. However, all our scanners provide configuration options so they can be adjusted for a particular use. This includes the ability to handle placeholder and variable replacements and/or the specification of lineage for custom components in ETL tools.

Another option that MANTA provides is the annotated script scanner that extracts lineage information from technologies not supported by MANTA’s native scanners when additional annotations denoting lineage information are provided in the form of comments in the scripts.

For technologies that are not supported by MANTA’s OOTB scanners, we provide Open Extensions that enable ingestion of custom metadata and lineage to the MANTA platform in a spreadsheet-like form.

Does MANTA have scanners for database technologies, ETL technologies, and reporting tools and technologies?

Yes, MANTA has 50+ OOTB scanners for databases, ETL tools, reporting and analysis software, modeling tools, and programming languages. You can find a full list of supported scanners here.

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