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How can I migrate server and data fast?

Carrying out data migrations is tricky because of all the unknowns and blind spots in large legacy environments. To migrate quickly and easily, use automated data lineage to ensure that you have mapped the migrated systems and have a full and complete overview of the data dependencies before actually starting the migration project. Such an overview allows you to see how the planned migration will affect your systems, comply with data privacy and safety requirements, and divide the process into smaller steps while ensuring that there are no surprises regarding impacted systems, unexpected complexity, or forgotten pipelines.

How long does the system migration process take?

The duration of the migration process depends on many factors such as the volume of data and the complexity of the migrated system. Based on reports from our customers, MANTA can cut the time spent on the analysis (assessment and planning) phase of the migration project by up to 70%.

How can I get started with MANTA?

Implementing MANTA is as simple as guiding MANTA’s scanners to the systems that need to be scanned. The scanners then take control of extracting metadata from the systems and analyzing it to provide an end-to-end data lineage graph.

Do I need to be CDMP certified to use MANTA?

MANTA is designed to serve all kinds of data users, from business users to more tech-savvy data engineers and professionals. You don’t have to be CDMP certified to use MANTA. The results generated by MANTA are tailored to your needs and will help you in any aspect of data management.

Will we need special training to use MANTA data lineage?

At MANTA, we strive to create a user experience that can easily be understood by a wide variety of users, not only technical users with a deep understanding of their systems but also business users who may be interested in what data was used for business-critical reports. However, we also provide end-user training for MANTA to make sure that our customers can obtain the full value of the lineage provided by MANTA.

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