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Does data lineage manipulate or modify the data?

Your data is not modified by MANTA’s data lineage. MANTA doesn’t have access to any of the actual data. Your disparate data sources such as databases, data warehouses, ETL tools, and business intelligence tools can be connected to MANTA.  

Once those connections are established, we parse through the physical code to read metadata only. 

  1. Is MANTA non-intrusive and non-transformative?

MANTA’s lineage is not intrusive and does not transform your data during any of its scans. MANTA is applied on top of your existing systems, and no running operations need to be stopped to implement MANTA.

  1. Does data lineage manipulate or modify data? 

No, MANTA does not touch the actual data at all and won’t manipulate or modify any of it.

  1. Will MANTA affect my database? 

No, MANTA does not affect your database or its performance in any way.

  1. Is data lineage intrusive or of low impact to my current system? 

MANTA’s lineage is not intrusive, and MANTA extractions only have a low impact on the source system’s resources. Since only metadata is extracted from the system, the load placed on the machines is kept to a minimum.

Nicholas Murphy
Nicholas Murphy
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