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Does data lineage help with SQL reporting?

Data lineage provides a full overview of how your data flows throughout the systems of your environment via a detailed map of all direct and indirect dependencies between data entities within the environment. This gives you a greater understanding of the sources, structure, and evolution of your data. In providing this visibility, data lineage can help reduce errors in SQL reporting, enhance understanding of the reporting, and improve decision-making using your data.

What are SQL reporting services?

SQL reporting services, or SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), is a server-based report generating software within the Microsoft SQL Server suite and tools. SSRS connects to SQL databases and provides the tools to create, deploy, and manage SQL reports from the database as well as from the analytics center of your data warehouse. Based on user-defined parameters, SQL reports can be generated in various formats (data tables, graphs, charts, and images) and accessed in a variety of ways (traditional paginated, web-based, and mobile reports).

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