Manta Flow makes data marts transparent

Customer: a major insurance company
Problem: The customer focused their resources at making their data warehouse more efficient and valuable for business users. Advances in governance were a part of the efforts. While improving processes, the customer realized that some critical metadata was not available or accessible – there were parts of the environment where data lineage was not documented, namely scripts used to generate data marts. Metadata management technologies the customer had at their disposal did not solve the issue.
Solution: Manta Flow for Teradata was deployed to extract data lineage from scripts, together with Informatica Metadata Manager connector to supply extracted metadata to IMM. As an addition, we developed custom connector for Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (also known by lovely abbreviation MSSSRS), which is used to analyze custom SQL in reports and improves data lineage with additional, previously unavailable data.
Result: The customer now has complete lineage available, including portions that were originally missing (data mart generation scripts). This allows the customer to perform reliable impact analyses, and trace data to their origin.

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