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We're changing the way companies interact with data, making it possible to understand, observe, and confidently manage what's happening across the entire data pipeline. Want to work on projects with industry-scale level impact?

Join Us to Transform the Data Industry as We Know It

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Who We Are and What We’re Working On

MANTA’s unified lineage platform helps businesses tackle the complexities of data management by automating manual processes, bringing complete control and observability to the company’s data pipeline.

Using automated lineage discovery, MANTA maps all the data flows, transformations, and dependencies across the organization, making it painless to migrate systems, comply with regulations, and prevent data incidents.

When technical and business users can visualize and understand what’s happening “under the hood”, data becomes a truly valuable corporate asset and data management teams can confidently and proactively drive business decisions.

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How We Got Here and Where We’re Going

We started as a small group of people united by a broad vision of transforming the data industry. Fast forward to 2021 and MANTA has grown to become an industry game-changer, serving customers all over the world from offices in NY, Tampa, Dublin, Lisbon, and Prague.

We now have a team of over 100 members across multiple continents, and with our latest investment round of 35M, we’re going to be welcoming a lot of new faces.

Join us as we scale to new heights.

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Why Work with Us

Follow Your Curiosity

MANTA offers extensive opportunities for learning, growth, and development. We’ll support your pursuit of both personal and professional growth.

Start Looking Forward to Monday (Really!)

You’ll be a part of a team that’s defined by a relentless enthusiasm and passion for what we do. We believe our team’s positive energy is the secret to our momentum and success.

Work on Pioneering Technologies

On a daily basis at MANTA, you’ll be working on the very edge of innovation, experimenting with the latest technologies to help us release additional features for MANTA every quarter.

Working at MANTA in sales has been an exhilarating experience! Our team is very tight knit and we are always trying to further help and develop one another to become as successful as possible. We have great trainings with everything from industry knowledge, product knowledge, and the best way to work with our current customers and potential customers. This sales team is so great because you embark on a new challenge everyday and have the team behind you to keep it fun!

Christopher Murray Account Executive

In MANTA I put my doctoral research to work and I also contribute to our standard software development. Thanks to that, I can keep nice, professional balance between the academic and commercial spheres, which I really appreciate. But the main things that make me happy at work are friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and the motivated, enthusiastic team members, who really care and are all about doing their job well.

Lucie Svitakova Software Engineer

Working at MANTA as the event specialist, I am given the ability to turn MANTA into something more than just another 9 to 5 job. I know that my voice is heard and I can implement my ideas immediately. It’s a great feeling knowing that my decisions truly matter and that I am working with a friendly, and always ready to help team. I also enjoy the travelling and networking part, as I get to represent MANTA at various conferences around the world.

Karolina Mikova Global Event Specialist

Our values

Striving for excellence

We never stop learning and we constantly develop our knowledge to reach higher every day.

Integrity and ethics

We follow fair and transparent business practices and we build a welcoming workplace by supporting diversity and inclusion.


We bring the best out of everyone to achieve common goals.

Commitment to customers

We grow strong relationships with our customers to provide them with an outstanding, life-changing product.

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Didn't find the opportunity you were looking for?

Reach out to us! At MANTA we're always looking for new talent. If you don't see a position that suits you, don't get discouraged! Send us a message with a few words about yourself, and we'll be happy to connect with you when something more fitting opens up!