WEBINAR: How to Reduce Time Spent on Impact Analyses in Teradata DWH by 90%

WEBINAR: How to Reduce Time Spent on Impact Analyses in Teradata DWH by 90%

MANTA Business
June 3, 2015

Join our webinar and learn how to improve your Teradata warehouse.

In our webinar on June 15th, our Director of Engineering, Lukas Hermann, will explain how to:

1. Control damage caused by incorrect data

Imagine your data warehouse has been hit by invalid input which has messed up your reports. The business users are angry and the business intelligence department is getting ready for a couple weeks of emergency operations. Instead of conducting a time-consuming impact analysis, with our powerful data lineage tools you can easily follow the trail of bad stuff and fix the right reports.

2. Onboard new staff in days with automated documentation

While it usually takes weeks or months to introduce a new developer to your environment, with automated documentation it can be done within a few days.

3. Manage change

Changing data types in your database columns is always a pain – especially in a huge system. There are a lot of developers involved and the whole process is very expensive. But there is a way to overcome your fear of changes. Let us show you how.




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