We4Startups: Go!

We4Startups: Go!

MANTA Business
May 4, 2015

12 companies, 4 days, 4 countries. One pitching session.

Manta Tools recently joined in on a WE4Startups investor session and it was super fun. Twelve companies from the four countries of the Visegrad area (I know, you have no idea where that is) participated in some awesome workshops and eventually pitched for a panel of witty investors.

For us, it was a great distraction from our everyday schedule and also a pleasant way to get a few new contacts and deepen our insight into Silicon Valley. You should know that even if we understand each other on a business level, language barriers are still present. That’s four languages on a territory the size of Texas, by the way. We Czechs actually understand the Slovaks, and the Polish somewhat, but Hungarians? Come on, nobody understands Hungarians.

All of our colleagues have interesting products (or services) for sure, but there the most impressive was Polish Zencard (a neat loyalty system for SMBs) and Freelusion, a spectacular video mapping tech startup from Hungary.

So, why should you keep an eye out for the next year? WE4Startups might actually be a really interesting event for angels and early-stage investors: the Visegrad countries have a lot to offer (sounds cheeky, I know) and you might have a chance to get them under your wing early on. For aspiring entrepreneurs in Europe it’s a good way to get some attention, and you might not even have to sell your garage for this: government agencies from the respective countries split the bill with you. We were already here, so it wasn’t that import for us, but those in the early-stage might find this to be a really useful introduction into the Valley.

So, see you out there in the wild.


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