Video: New Manta Flow visualization is out!

Video: New Manta Flow visualization is out!

MANTA Business
September 2, 2014

Manta Tools 3.5 has been out for two weeks now and is being updated in our clients’ data warehouses as you read. Manta Flow is a key product in our toolbox and it has deserved new visualization for some time now. So we made it. Take a look:

What cool new features are to be found in the new visualization?

  • Smooth CSS Layout. Be amazed by the nicest layout and advanced node hierarchy.
  • Extended Search. Search in your repository and also in your lineage.
  • Filter/Unfilter Option. Easily filter objects by technology and unfilter only specific edges, if you wish.
  • Follow Option. Expand lineage only from selected objects to get more control over the situation.

Wondering what’s to come in the next release? We always develop Manta Tools according to immediate feedback from our clients, but some things are pretty sure already. The long-requested Undo/Redo functionality will help you to travel back in time and we are also going to introduce new edge attributes (they’ve been feeling a little blue since the nodes have them already). Big thank you also flies to talented Eric Rowell for his KineticJS Canvas Framework, used in our new visualization. Thanks!
We’ve spent some time working on this and we hope you like it. Let us know what you think – get in touch via Twitter or email. Are you a business intelligence/data warehouse professional? And would you like to try Manta Tools for free? No problem, join our Manta Experts group.


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