Updated Roadmap for MANTA: It’s Always About the Customer

Updated Roadmap for MANTA: It’s Always About the Customer

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July 25, 2018

It is MANTA’s second year as an independent company and startup; before we were just a tool (remember, Manta Tools?) in the box of our “big sister” Profinit. Since those times, we have been able to create an entire list of supported technologies, both scanners and integrations. But the story with each and every one remains the same. It is the same reason why MANTA was created in the first place: we were inspired by our customers.

The customer-centric approach, or whatever you want to call it, is a bit trendy now. There are a number of courses that offer to teach you how to think like your customers, how to find out what they need and what they lack, and how to use your findings to create a product, service, or even a startup. But the truth that has been proven over time by each and every sales guy at MANTA is: if you don’t talk to your customers about their issues, you will never know. The first deployment of MANTA was in a Czech retail bank. MANTA was born (okay, coded) to automatically map their specific BI environment, to help them with both compliance and data optimization issues.

And things haven’t changed since then. Our pre-sales team has had hours and hours of calls a week with dozens of potential customers that are looking to solve their issues within their BI environments. Even though MANTA has an A+ in connectivity, MANTA still often integrates with customer solutions through API or import. When this happens once, twice, or even a few more times, we ask ourselves if it isn’t time to add a new connector to the family. And that is usually the case! In the spirit of preparing our Q3 release, we would like to share a few plans that we have for upcoming releases. It’s a release roadmap!


Speaking of new technologies – we are always looking for pioneers to test them! If you are interested in becoming a MANTA pioneer, write to manta@getmanta.com and let us know which of these new technologies you want to probe. 


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