The Guy behind the Curtain: Ivo Mouka

The Guy behind the Curtain: Ivo Mouka

MANTA Business
May 13, 2015

More than 20 years of experience in data quality and information management helped Ivo Mouka develop a solid background in our field. That’s why we are happy to have him on board as our advisor.

Ivo started in the healthcare industry back in the 80s in Canada. He quickly rose to a project manager position in patient care and financial projects. Over a period of 12 years he met pretty much everybody in the field, becoming an expert in the Cognos and Oracle DB they were introducing to hospitals all over Canada.

“I was interested in Manta Tools because I could use my experience to define key areas of metadata management and put Manta Tools into a larger frame.”

He joined our advisory board in autumn 2014. “In a paper about enterprise information flow, we basically worked on merging existing theoretical approaches and positioning Manta Tools as part of it.”

Ivo is now working with the rest of the advisory board to improve the EIF doctrine, and they are planning on introducing a new piece in the beginning of Q3 2015.

You can contact him directly via email or just use the form on the right. And do not forget to follow us on Twitter!


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